ADI (Angelic Drop In) Clinic Tauranga

Thu 24 May 4:30 — 6:30pm

Basestation, 148 Durham St, Tauranga

A 30-minute drop-in session for start-ups or business owners to engage with angel investors.
This event has already happened!

Each month, four founders of start-ups, or owners of businesses wanting to scale-up have the opportunity to meet, get insights and input from people who make angel investments.

ADI Clinic (ANGELIC DROP-IN Clinic) sessions are a great way to engage and understand what angel investors are interested in, and need to see from you.

Whether you have just an idea, a team and first validation, or recurring revenue and need money to scale ADI Clinic is a free service facilitated by Venture Centre and enabled through a generous donation of free time from local investors.

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