AR/VR Garage Open Day Demos

Tue 22 May 10am — 2pm

AR/VR Garage, 28 Shaddock St, Eden Terrace, Auckland

Open Day at the AR/VR Garage to experience the variety of augmented, virtual, and 360 video capabilities that could assist your business
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The AR/VR Garage is a hub of activity in the emerging technology space - including augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, 360 video, hardware development and more.  We have almost 20 companies associated with the AR/VR Garage, and they are all specialists in their niche fields.  Our Open Day gives you the chance to come in and see what our range of capabilities are, and how our developers can help your business - whether it is to make a process easier, or incorporate training programmes, or to engage with consumers better.  

It's difficult to understand the immersiveness of virtual reality, and the business applications of augmented reality until you see and experience them for yourself.

We invite you to come in during our Open Day! It's free! 

Our Open Day Schedule is as follows:

10.00am        Dot Dot

10.15am        Verso

10.30am        Invoke

10.45am        Aug View

11.00am        Revisa

11.15am        Imersia

11.30am        AR/VR Garage

11.45am        Staples Productions

12.00pm        Dot Dot

12.15pm        Verso

12.30pm        Invoke

12.45pm        Aug View

1.00pm          Revisa

1.15pm          Imersia

1.30pm          AR/VR Garage

1.45pm          Staples Productions


  • Augmented Reality
  • Co-working
  • Hardware
  • Tour
  • Virtual Reality
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