Blockchain Forum

Fri 25 May 2:30 — 5:30pm

Claudelands, Brooklyn Road, Claudelands, Hamilton, New Zealand

An opportunity to learn how Blockchain technology could enhance your product or service.
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Disruptions in technology are often seen as something that only startups and R&D can manipulate into shiny products, but in the case of Blockchain, we might want to rethink that assumption.

Blockchain as a technology is more and more being seen as a tool to be used to enhance existing services due to its key outcome - trust in record keeping.

Speakers will cover – 

  • Blockchain for social impact 
  • Implications of crypto-currencies on legal and financial job markets
  • Blockchain for specialised data management
  • Fundamental misconceptions of Blockchain and crypto-currencies

In this session we will take the time to look at how features of Blockchain technology may be able to enhance that trust to increase the value of your products and services.  


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  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data
  • Finance
  • Workshop
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Alex is co-founder of Choice NZ - a blockchain-based payments infrastructure that participated in the Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2.0.

A disruptor, and one not to settle for the status quo, Alex has worked across 4 continents in 5 countries and truly believes New Zealand has the ability to be a global incubator for innovation, technology and social entrepreneurship.
Kane is an auditor and tax agent, and member of CAANZ. He has a Bachelor of Management Studies from Waikato and has worked at the IRD, founded an English school, has been and is on several Boards and also owns an electronics (retail) company. Blockchain has recently become a focus for Kane and continues to present new opportunities.
Mark is a New Zealand-based expert on bitcoin and Blockchain technology having dedicated his career to applying the ideas behind Bitcoin to a wide variety of applications including software development and information markets.

Mark is currently Director of Strategy at Nyriad, a global software technology company headquartered in Cambridge, Waikato.
Pete has been enjoying a career in IT since the days of the first Internet boom (and bust).

Having a passion for data visualization and Blockchain technology, his mission is to create a truly digital & decentralized identity for all New Zealanders.
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