BrokenCompass: Consciously unlocking your potential

Wed 23 May 12 — 1pm

Lightning Hub, 193-195 The Strand, Whakatane, New Zealand

By consciously understanding your true potential, you will be able to unlock a life full of opportunities and internal satisfaction.
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Grant Clark got into developing farming technology by identifying a need he saw on his own farm. He was able to develop it by expanding his mind to push through the doubts. Developing new technology has many potential barriers, how can you work through these to create something useful and leading edge?

Not all of us are born to change the world!! But we all have the opportunity to live our life in a way that limits the regrets we have at the end.
Have you ever wondered why the guy filling your car with gas, is so happy? or why the person who has driven buses for 40 years, wouldn't change a thing? But at the same time, the professional Basketball player who earns millions of dollars wakes up in the morning feeling sad and regretfully.
I believe that by consciously thinking about your true potential, in all aspects of your life, that you will be able to live your life in a way that will limit the regrets that you have at the end. 

I've worked across multiple industries all over the world.
I consciously say YES more than I say NO.
I'm on a journey to find out where my true potential lies... and I'm just getting started...

It's never to late to start yours.

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Born and breed on a Dairy farm in Waimana. At 17 I began my quest to try and find out what I was good at. Ironically I found out, I was good at farming and I loved doing it. Along with my wife Kate, we own and operate four businesses and have 3 children.
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