Collider Tech for Noobs: an intro to Agile

Mon 21 May 12 — 1pm

BizDojo Market Lane, 3 Market Lane, Wellington

A lunchtime session to give you an intro into Agile, with a focus on practical takeaways!
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Agile emerged from the software industry in the early 2000’s and has stormed through the tech and business world since, to help teams and businesses embrace rapid change, cope with complexity and uncertainty in requirements, and deliver customer-focused value.

Today’s modern agile principles have been refined, tweaked and distilled into a body of proven practices that help teams respond quickly to change, experiment rapidly, and deliver value continuously.

This workshop will cover:

An overview of Agile values, principles and jargon

What are the benefits of using Agile

How Agile is different to other ways of working

How you can get started with agile practices in your team or business

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to know what it actually means to work in an agile way. And anyone who has ever wondered what a ‘sprint’ or a ‘scrum’ is! 

Why should you attend?

Get the low down on agile and how it works from an industry pro. And make some new friends.

  • Community
  • Leadership
  • Workshop
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Nick White is an Agile and Product management coach at Nomad8, a boutique Agile consultancy.
Nick helps teams create tech products and services that their customers love.
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