Designing Solutions - Creating Innovation That's Good for the World

Tue 22 May 9am — 12pm

GridAKL / 101 Pakenham St W, 101 Pakenham St W, Auckland

Thinking about the wider picture is hard. Our 2 1/2 hour workshop gives you a quick dip into what's involved and how you can practice it.
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The workshop focuses on how to set up a powerful design process and pose the questions that will bring forward the innovative thinking with which to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s changing needs. 

It is based on a set of decision-making questions. The process begins with understanding and engaging true diversity of mind and how to establish collective purpose within a team. Participants will then work through the importance of broad and unconstrained idea generation. The next stage addresses the evaluation of ideas against criteria that have been determined as critical to New Zealand’s future and will set the scene for ongoing work within your programme and beyond.

The format is fast-paced, interactive, challenging and designed to be memorable.

  • Creative
  • Diversity
  • Leadership
  • Workshop
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I’ve always been captivated by the potential of good ideas to transform organisations and change lives. It’s led me to my life’s work - helping organisations shape ideas that will shape tomorrow.
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