Digital Service Standard Workshop – Delivering digital government services informed by the Māori worldview

Thu 24 May 10:30am — 12:30pm

Department of Internal Affairs, Level 1, 45 Pipitea St, Thorndon, Wellington

What can Government learn from Māori culture about the design of inclusive, and citizen-centric digital services for all New Zealanders?
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The purpose is to workshop how the Māori worldview can inform the government service design standards, to drive innovative citizen/Māori-centric approaches to delivering government digital services.

The key themes are:

Co-design and participatory Government – how the Māori world-view can inform service design.

What can the strands of Māori culture teach Government about, trends, reciprocity, women and rangatahi involvements.

What is the Māori understanding of service delivery?

Trust, data sovereignty, open-ness and the trust economy in a Māori context.

The role of Mana, cultural capital and social enterprise in service design.

Government and the collective vs individual use = common use, open-ness, and the related rights and responsibilities.


This event is part of the Techweek series on Building Government’s Digital Service Innovation Capability

  • Co-working
  • Diversity
  • Government
  • Intellectual Property
  • Social Enterprise
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Kia ora tātou. I'm a Senior Adviser and people leader. I was raised on my marae Te Ohaki and I'm passionate about delivering services with people at the centre. I bring my skills in geographical information systems, policy and te ao Māori together to find innovative ways to connect all New Zealanders to integrated digital services.
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