Partica: seamless print-to-mobile publishing and syndication

Wed 23 May 2 — 3pm

GridAKL / 12 Madden St, 12 Madden St, Auckland

Learn how Realview's Partica seamlessly turns print PDFs into mobile content – and about the new syndication marketplace it makes possible.
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Publishers are sitting on huge quantities of evergreen content – locked up in PDFs that have never been seen online. What if there was a simple, cost-effective way to find, extract, organise and monetise that content? There is. Welcome to Partica by Realview Technologies.

Partica's direct-to-mobile digital publishing platform instantly closes the gap between print and digital, transforming your PDFs into articles and delivering them to mobile, tablet, and desktop. Its unique AI-driven search and discovery engine finds, sorts and reports existing digital content from PDFs (or from a website, CMS or RSS feed).

Those capabilities underpin a new business platform: Partica Content Marketplace. Think of it as like a stock image library, only for articles. Partica Content Marketplace is a working syndication platform that brings together publishers, writers and customers in a world that's crying out for content.

Whether you have content or you need it, come and hear Realview CEO Richard Lindley and Stuart Shepherd of Realview's New Zealand partner Soar Print explain more about what Partica can do – and lay out a road map for the future. This session will be introduced and moderated by digital journalism innovator and founding Digital Media Trust board member Russell Brown.


People and businesses with new and legacy content to sell – and businesses that need easy, effective and transparent access to high-quality content for digital publication.

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Stuart Shepherd has many years’ experience in magazine and book publishing in print and digital media in New Zealand and internationally, as well as a wealth of knowledge in design arts marketing.
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