Hogwarts of GIS and Web Mapping: Build your own Web Map

Tue 22 May 10:30am — 4:30pm

Orbica HQ - Level 2, 130 Lichfield St, Christchurch Central

Learn to create a web map in just an hour and a half... what is this sorcery???
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Want to be the coolest office genius, who knows how to apply geographic information systems (GIS) magic spells on data to build web-based maps?

If your answer is yes, then this session is designed just for you. Orbica can teach you this wizardry, and once you learn it, you will be able to impress your friends, bosses and clients. Trust us: it is that simple! We will share the spells that you think only GIS people can use: after all, one our core values is building geospatial champions. Helping others make the most of the location data at their fingertips is another way to innovate and connect with this globe that we live on.

In this training session, we will talk about:

- What is a web map?
- Web maps vs. digital maps
- History of web maps
- Process involved to build a web map
- Platforms used to build a web map
- Demo 1 – Esri ArcGIS
- Demo 2 – Open Source (Leaflet)

Bring your laptop or tablet. This session is for anyone and everyone who wants to know how to build a web map - whether it's for personal interest or a work project.


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  • Data
  • Education
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Faisal is Orbica’s go-to geospatial craftsman and a master gamer. A graduate of Pakistan’s renowned FAST National University, Faisal has a Masters in Computer Science and could design and develop spatial systems from an egg-box, twigs and double-sided sticky tape if he had to.
Santosh is a spatial solutions specialist and a formidable talent. Indian born, he studied mathematics, geophysics, economics and GIS in Texas. He applies enviable analytical and problem-solving skills, integrating numerous technologies with deftness, to create enterprising spatial solutions.
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