IoT Hackathon

26 May 2018 - 27 May 2018 — 10:00AM - 4:00PM

GridAKL / 12 Madden St, 12 Madden St, Auckland

Internet of Things Hackathon for all with an interest in creating amazing applications
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The IoT Hackathon is your opportunity to find out about IoT technology, discover how it works and what it can be used for.  Join us to find a wide range of people that you can work with.  You can bring an idea, a project, your skills, your enthusiasm.  We'll help you find a group to collaborate with to build an IoT application.

Event Sponsor GIFT

We are pleased to announce that we have a sponsor for the Hackathon - GIFT: Gulf Innovation Fund Together enables innovation that improves the environment of the Hauraki Gulf.  GIFT are setting a challenge and providing prizes and a celebration.  Read more about GIFT here

The challenge is showing how Internet of Things technology can be used to improve the environment of the Hauraki Gulf - the sea waters that Auckland sits next to and benefits from.  How can IoT sensing and control systems be used to prevent and remedy environmental degradation and allow us to preserve and improve the waters that give us life?  We have example challenges and you may suggest your own.  Prizes will be Pycom sensing kits to enable the winning concept to continue.

If you have an existing IoT project that you'd like to work on, share or demo you are also welcome.  Any technology platform is welcome.

If you are a software app or cloud developer wanting to know about IoT integration, you'll find the right people to work with.

If you have some ideas you want to work on and discuss, you'll find amazing people to help and support you.  This could be the first step on a big journey!

You don't have to be technical.  It's also important to have an ideas person, to know how to generate customer interest.  So if you just want to understand more, come along and meet some new friends.

We're also open to platform developers that want to use cloud platforms for collecting and analysing IoT data.  Use your skills to integrate AI, Chatbots, AR, VR etc and make an outstanding application.


Saturday 26 May

9.30am - 10.30am   Arrive, register, setup

10.30   Introductions

11.00   Gulf Innovation Fund Together Presentationa and Challenge 

11.30   Idea forming and project plan

12.00   Pycom tutorial

4.00pm  Finish for the day - kits may be left overnight (at your risk)

Sunday 27 May

10.00am  Arrive, continue projects

3.00pm   Demo presentations and judging

4.00pm  Winner announcements and celebration 

5.00pm  Finish


The bar and cafe at Generator will be open for the event.  

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  • Competition
  • Hackathon
  • Hardware
  • Internet of Things
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John is the founder of the IoT Auckland Meetup and is an active tech community evangelist. He has a mission to educate, inform, inspire and connect people who want to understand and make use of Internet of Things technologies.
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