Land, Sky and Space - accurate satellite positioning takes off! 2018 LINZ Virtual Field Trip for schools

22 May 2018 - 24 May 2018 — 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Students will (virtually) fly in the cockpit of a regional aircraft, travel in self-driving vehicles & see how satellite positioning helps!
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Students on this trip will fly in the cockpit of a regional aircraft, travel in self-driving vehicles, see how rockets get into space and how we make rural land more productive!

Driverless vehicles or autonomous vehicles? Actually, in New Zealand we prefer to call them self-driving vehicles and you are going for a test-ride. How does this vehicle know where to go? How people are kept safe?

Travelling by plane around New Zealand? Did you know that large jets have their own on-board sophisticated navigation systems? You will travel on the flight-deck of a smaller turbo-prop plane that uses a very new and smart satellite system to help it navigate safely into regional airports. You will meet the aircrew and inspect the flight plan and find out how satellites are helping smaller aircraft to navigate more accurately and safely.

Heard of precision agriculture? Rural land is vital to New Zealand's economy and our well-being. You will meet Otago University researchers and students who are trialling new systems for surveying and mapping rural areas, that are leading to new careers, new ideas and better management of our precious rural land.

Heard of Rocket Lab? Visit a satellite ground station to find out how satellite communications work and how they are used in New Zealand's emerging space programme.

All of this is possible and increasingly convenient and safe because of the continuously improving accuracy of location technology; "the science of where". On this field trip you will find out about SBAS (Satellite-based Augmentation Systems), a new technology that is helping us to better know where we are.

To register your class or school students for this free, fun and informative virtual field trip, you need to be a NZ Registered or Provisionally Registered teacher.

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