Innovation in Science and Engineering

Tue 22 May 12 — 2pm

FMG Stadium, 128 Seddon Rd, Frankton, Hamilton

This event has already happened!

Hear about local success stories making a global impact based on a culture of innovation and agility, as well as future realities, insights into innovation in science and engineering and the trials and tribulations of growing a deep IP/hardware focused startup, plus we will check-in with EVolocity competition entrants from a local school.

Highlights include a presentation on two new online services for the Manuka honey market in NZ, a local engineers perspective on being an entrant in a global competition to build the world’s first personal flying device, drone noise reduction and audio enablement technology, and insights into the realities of commercialising science.



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Kristy Jo Sebro is taking a master’s in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waikato and is a current entrant in the Boeing’s GoFly project geared towards sustainable human flight. An avid inventor and techie he won the Prime Ministers award for invention and innovation (Trinidad and Tobago).
Kyle has a PHD from Waikato University in chemometrics (statistics/ machine learning/chemistry), has been working for Hill Laboratories for over 11 years and is interested in the application of analysis, big data and machine learning to chemical problems such as near-infrared spectroscopy.
Levinia is a Coordinator at the Waikato Engineering Careers Association (WECA) through which the EVelocity competition is delivered to secondary schools in the Waikato. Levinia is also Regional Coordinator for the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES), and Project Coordinator at Smart Waikato Trust.
Nigel is the CEO and co-founder of Ligar, a company that is launching its first products onto the market after nearly 7 years of intensive R&D. Ligar is making use of molecularly imprinted polymers (or MIPs for short) to both remove contaminants and extract high value molecules from fluids.
Shaun has spent most of his career working on the commercialisation of technology, notably as part of the commercial team at renowned biofuels company, LanzaTech, through helping innovative young companies raise capital through online investment platform, Snowball Effect, and now as Cofounder of techstars-backed drone noise reduction startup, Dotterel.
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