Zino New Kiwis Challenge Launch

Thu 24 May 2 — 3pm

Basestation, 148 Durham St, Tauranga

Launching a competition for Kiwi startups with at least one immigrant in the founding team. Amazing prizes!
This event has already happened!

The New Kiwi Challenge is a nationwide start-up competition, run over 3 months, to encourage more new Kiwis to take up entrepreneurship.  Entry is open to all migrant founders, irrespective of your country of origin. 

New Zealand is a culturally diverse land with new Kiwis coming from different parts of the world every year.  Establishing a career in a new country is hard, all the more so for those taking on entrepreneurship.  Lack of networks, lack of contacts and lack of understanding of the NZ start-up ecosystem are all barriers to success, and especially to successful capital raising.

Losing these talented entrepreneurs is a waste of talent for the New Zealand economy, and also a loss of good investment opportunities for investors.

Zino Ventures is the first Chinese Venture Fund in NZ, leveraging its network, capital and expertise to enable investee start-up companies to scale for growth in Chinese speaking markets.  The New Kiwi Challenge is supported by our partners, UniServices, VicLink and Alibaba Cloud.

Prize winners will be announced in August, with prizes include the opportunity to present at the Alibaba Cloud competition in Sydney, and a sponsored place on Zino’s China Trip to Shanghai and Hangzhou in November 2018.


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