AI for Business - Panel Discussion

Mon 21 May 12 — 2:30pm

ProjectR- Level 2, NEC House, 40 Taranaki St, Te Aro, Wellington

Are there opportunities for your business to take advantage of AI right now or in the future? Join our discussion to explore the potential.
This event has already happened!

Our AI expert panel will share examples of businesses successfully utilising AI right now and explore future uses of AI. Come join the discussion and learn if there is value in the data you already have. We will discuss the signs to look for that show you are ready to move to AI and provide you with connections to take the first steps. 

This session is pitched at CEOs and CTOs who are considering an AI strategy.

Cost per attendee: $25 (includes an Eat My Lunch meal)

Or join us on Twitter: #TWNZ18AI




  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data
  • Machine Learning
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