Kids Fortnite Fun Victory Royale Challenge

Sun 20 May 12 — 4pm

TenForward Technology Lounge for Kids, 81 Green Lane East, Remuera, Auckland

Are your kids all about playing Fortnite? Send your budding eSports enthusiasts to our fun multi-platform Fortnite challenge afternoon!
This event has already happened!

Fortnite is the game of the moment, and no doubt your kids are playing it. We are hosting an afternoon of Fortnite challenges for budding eSports enthusiasts!  Send them along and let's play!

We have 4 Xboxes, and as it's multi-platform, your kids can also bring their ipad or laptop with their own account and join in with our team.  This is all about working together, and getting kids to learn about collaborating and communicating in groups - with a team in the same room! With this game and this set up, we are getting kids away from the isolation on gaming at home, and creating a social activity in real life.

We will be open from 12pm-4pm on Sunday 20th May (we can extend this if demand requires it!).  The cost is $10 per hour and adults don't have to stay (TenForward is an After School Care/Holiday Programme).  Stay for one hour or more - it will be a group session with whoever is booked in each hour.  The four Xboxes will be shared, so turn taking will be enforced.  If you bring your own device you can use our free wifi.

Targeted for kids under 14.

About TenForward Technology Lounge for Kids: we are a tech based after school and holiday programme for kids who love gaming, social media, pop culture, strategy board/card games, speed cubing and more. $10 per hour!




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