GovTech - What's Now. What's Next.

Thu 24 May 5:30 — 7pm

Creative HQ , 2/7 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand

GovTech is changing the way the public sector tackles challenges. Let's talk about it.
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Building a better, stronger, faster public sector.

GovTech is all about developing new and improved ways to transform the delivery of public services. It's fuelled by new technologies that provide solutions to some of governments most pressing challenges.

Through this event, you’ll learn from those who are adopting GovTech today and influencing the future of New Zealand’s success in this potential $400 billion industry. We'll be bringing four key speakers together to discuss the current and future state of GovTech from an entrepreneurial, academic, enterprise and government perspective. You’ll also get the chance to hear about Lightning Lab GovTech - the accelerator programme that is about helping the government utilise innovation frameworks through GovTech.

Full list of speakers to be confirmed.

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Graeme is a digital and information leader dedicated to understanding customer and community needs and translating those into effective business models enabled by digital solutions. In his role working with the Government Chief Digital Officer, Graeme leads the digital government strategy for New Zealand.
Dr Karl Löfgren is an Associate Professor in the School of Government. Prior to taking up his current post with Victoria University of Wellington, he held academic positions with Copenhagen University (Denmark), Malmö University (Sweden) and Roskilde University (Denmark).
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