Webcast: 10 Billion Mouths

Wed 23 May 8:55am — 5pm

The official webcast for the Techweek'18 headline event: 10 Billion Mouths - new ways to feed the world brought to you by Callaghan Innovation.
This event has already happened!

The webcast has started - please click here to watch live now!

World-leading dairy and horticultural industries have established New Zealand’s reputation as a producer of fine food, and now the country’s collaborative agricultural ecosystem is shifting its focus to the development of sustainable ways to feed the world. Will the future of food production rely on robots and data, or a global consumer shift toward alternative proteins? Join us on the webcast and hear from the new artisans of agricultural innovation that’s good for the world. See full event details here >>

9.00am-9.15am - Welcome
09.15am-10.00am - Keynote: Arama Kukutai presents AgriTech around the world
10.00am-10.45am - Panel discussion: Leveraging a collaborative model
10.45am 11.00am - Break
11.00am-12.00pm  - Traceability | The power of place
12.00pm-12.45pm - Break
12.45pm-1.30pm - Start-up showcase, sponsored by Fonterra, Farm Source
1.30pm-3.00pm - Break
3.00pm-4.00pm - Robotics Plus showcase
4.00pm-5.00pm - Dinner in 2050 | The future of food
5.00pm - Close

For more information about the topics and speakers please visit the 10 Billion Mouths event listing

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