UX for the Modern Learner

Tue 22 May 2 — 4pm

AUT City Campus, 55 Wellesley St E, Auckland

Maximise learner outcomes for the digital generation with the behavioural science that guides modern best practices of user experience.
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As training moves to more digital formats, it's colliding with new realities in learners' jobs, behaviours, habits, and preferences. Today's employees are overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient. Flexibility in where and how they learn is increasingly important. They want to learn from their peers and managers as much as from experts. And they are taking more control over their own development.

Modern learning design needs to be effective, relevant and intuitive, delivered to the channels your learners use, when they need it (not just in case). During this 45 minute presentation, we will discuss the behavioural science principles underpinning modern UX design, and illustrate how these principles have been implemented with a few case studies.

Wine and cheese to be served afterward. Come network with others interested in digital education and workforce development.

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With a decade of experience in website design and digital marketing, Caelan has spent years studying what makes people take action online. At Kineo APAC he uses this knowledge to work with enterprise companies to help them design superior learning outcomes for their workforce.
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